Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training



This 27-day Yoga Alliance International Certified and Accredited programme, run over seven months, with two key focuses per module along with series of workshops such as Self Esteem, Public Speaking, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy and History, sequencing and more.

Develope your own skills to: Bring  more of who YOU are on and off the mat.

To develop your authentic self.

And to live to YOUR pure potential.

This Level Two, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is delivered in three 9 day modules in August and October 2021 and March 2022.

Module 1 - 14 August - 22 August 2021

Module 2 - 23 October - 31 October 2021

Module 3 - 5 March - 13 March 2022

Integrated self-study practices and focuses are part of the course in between each module. The three Modules are designed to be done as an integrated programme, but can also be done as individual components. For more info on module content, see below.


Participation will build on the foundations of your Level 1 teacher training, cultivating and growing your ability to be an inspiring and skilled teacher along with deepening your own practice. 

Taking place from 7.00am to 7.30pm each day, the programme is a life-changing opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a daily yoga practice, to connect with like-minded people walking a similar path and to deepen your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the history and philosophy of yoga and, ultimately, yourself.


200hr Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training completed as a minimum standard.

Participants from all over New Zealand are invited – with cheap flights from Auckland and Wellington (and an easy drive from Christchurch) making sunny Nelson more accessible than ever before.

Breakfast and dinner is included in the price. We can assist you with finding affordable accommodation.


Module 1-Yin & Pranayama

We will be going on a journey exploring yoga through the lens of Yin and Pranayama.

Learning Objectives:

Review and examine the 14 skeletal sections and 10 myofascial planes of the physical body. Recognise and understand the uniqueness and limitations of joint mobility. Apply this understanding and the potential impact on the shapes that can safely be created through asana.

Study and explore the seven archetypal Yin poses: Shoelace, Saddle, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Twist, Dog, Dragon

You will be work towards an understanding of how to approach and guide students into and out of asana from a Yin perspective in contrast to traditional Hatha. Gain the ability to be able to explain the difference in the Yin approach to functional versus aesthetic poses, drawing from your learning based on the skeletal variation study.

Yin Yoga Sutras -Develop an understanding of the history of Yin, the flow of chi in the fascial channels and its impact on the 14 skeletal segments and 10 myofascial groups. Explore the principle of the Rebound process within the body, mind and soul.


Through daily practice you will directly experience the effects of the different pranayamas, and become proficient at both practicing and leading pranayama techniques. Grow to understand and respect the potency of pranayama practice and its appropriate application for a wide variety of student audiences. We cover the anatomical process of pranayama along with the energetic effects on the Panchya vayus.


Module 2 - Hatha Level 2 Asana & Philosophy

Learning Objectives:

On this module we build upon the asana from a 200hr foundational training, introducing more complex and challenging asana. Develop your skills as a teacher to safely guide students into and out of each asana. Learn to understand the contraindications for each asana and be able to offer appropriate variations. The student will be able to discuss the background and purpose of each asana.

Yoga Philosophy

Diving into an overview of the history and philosophy of Yoga, you are invited to continue your journey on this yogic path. Sessions work towards gaining further understanding of the vast complexity of yoga's history and the development that has lead to today's yoga.

We will draw from the teachings from:

-Tantric philosophy of Vijnana-Bhairava,

-Tantra through the Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche,

-Patanjali's Yoga Sutras,

-Yoga Pradipika,

-Bhagavad Gita - Eknath Easwaran Commentary.


Module 3 - Yoga Flow & Meditation- concluding in a residential Retreat.

In this module we invite you to meet and greet your core! Building on the Hatha Level 1 & 2 principles of deep central core stabilisation in conjunction with dynamic movement.

You will learn intelligent sequencing and the difference between sequencing and choreography, working towards sequencing a Level 1 & 2 Hatha asana practice that considers skeletal variations and mixed ability within a class setting.

Learn and us breath centered pacing & transitioning.


Discover and practice a range of meditation techniques. Learn the science behind meditation and the difference between the "state" and the techniques used. Gain the understanding and ability to guide students into and out of the state of meditation safely. Explore your own connection and understanding of mind and ego structures and how to pierce through the veil of maya.

Meditation Retreat

The final piece of this journey will be delivered through a residential Zen Style Meditation Retreat offering the time and space for reflection and depth. We invite YOU to enter this experience and step into YOUR unique greatest potential.

We will introduce and use the practice of  Zen Koans such as, ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is Freedom.' These Zen riddles, cannot be answered by the mind but can be directly experienced to assist in piercing through the veils of conditioned thinking into the pure light of your being.

Each and every being is constantly looking to be more of who they are, to be authentic, real, to live their pure potential. Yet to do so we have to turn our focus away from the outside world into the inner realms of being, to expose all the ways in which our thinking process prevents us from achieving that which we want most.

This completion module offers the space for you to integrate prior learning and return the focus to your own deep sense of Yoga and union within.

A typical day in the life of a teacher trainee: -

  • To begin - Meditation & Pranayama - creating a foundation that will support your yoga practice and exploration of yourself in daily life
  • Asana practice - to open and warm the body
  • A theory session each morning (when the brain is at its best)
  • A practical session, where you will learn how to teach each of the asanas each afternoon (when the body is warm and most flexible)
  • Concluding the day with a Nididhyaasa (the introspective practice of digesting information & experience) integrating the learnings from the sessions leaving you relaxed …. yet curious

There is an extended lunch break each day giving you space to eat, reflect and explore.

A delicious vegetarian breakfast and dinner is included in the price. We can assist you with finding accommodation in the Nelson area.



"I loved every minute of my 200 hr Yoga teacher training at Kindred studio in Nelson. The programme content is varied and comprehensive, Chai's depth of knowledge, insight and congruent engagement allowed for a deep connection to the learning of the 8 limbs of yoga,  the asanas , anatomy and Myself. It is easy to be inspired by Chai's enthusiasm.

The day to day running of the course was was friendly, informative and well structured.

Breakfast and dinner is just perfect - like beautiful tasting bookends to each day encasing us in an almost womb like state for our time together.

We were given the chance to develop beautiful friendships with the other attendees and watching each other's journey has been inspiring and wonderful.

I have found the post training support to be invaluable to my continued journey, for me the course was not the end or a completion of a dream - it was the beginning of it and I'm grateful for the follow on presence that Chai and the other teachers continue to offer.

Kindred does more than teach yoga, it is a place where knowledge, friendship and support come together to build a beautiful community, with acceptance, encouragement and the sharing of knowledge at its centre. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wondering about their Yoga Teacher training."     S Marriott, Nelson / UK


Chaitanya developed the course based on over 26 years of intensive endeavour that led him around the world studying with numerous enlightened teachers as well thousand of hours of teaching, working as a therapeutic body worker and life coach, setting up and running a number of body work clinics as well as Kindred Studio and Evolve Festival which he co-directs and runs with his wife Bex Deva. Watch the video interview with Kara-Leah above to find out more about his unique journey including being the son of enlightened master Maitreya Ishawara, or follow this link to a short bio


"Chai is an inspiring and dedicated yoga teacher. He has amazing knowledge of anatomy and how each person can relate to yoga. He manages to motivate and entertain and his classes are full of laughter. As well as laughter and knowledge he has amazing energy and is able to induce a sense of calm and relaxation that leaves you floating away from a yoga class. One of the best yoga teachers that I have ever met in over 10 years of practice."

Clare Vivian-Neal Life Coaching and more

Clare Vivian-Neal

Clare will be leading a one day Self-Esteem session uniquly designed to help uncover the inner drivers behind negative self talk and get free of it.

I am a Senior Trainer, Professional Coach and Mentor with the Kairos Foundation. This is an educational trust that delivers the More To Life Programme through many courses around the world. I am an Associate with TriVergent International. 

One of my strengths is in being able to bring teams alive, see the individual and keep the organisational goals in mind at the same time.

I enjoy working with people from many walks of life, educational backgrounds and from diverse cultures. I deliver courses rich in profound personal change in New Zealand, Australia, France, UK, Denmark, USA, South Africa and the Pacific Islands.

I am passionate about promoting cultural change – from the inside out by increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, personal presence and leadership. I have worked within local government, business, the non-profit and community sectors.

In the UK I worked for Scientific Generics. While there I set up a programme for empowerment of women. In 1993 I emigrated to NZ where I worked for Macpac. Soon, I was initiating and working with groups of women on empowerment and equality issues in the workplace. This interest in making a difference for the better has led me to work as a change manager leading by example of respect, integrity and honesty in all the organisations I work with.

Swami Karma Karuna


Karuna will be leding a number of the philoshopy sessions on the training as well as Havan (Vedic Fire Ceremony) and kirtan

Karuna is a founding member and Director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, and a dedicated, intuitive yoga teacher with years of experience working with a wide range of people. From an early age, she traveled exploring diverse spiritual traditions; finally dedicating herself to the yogic path, guided by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, world-wide head of the Satyananda Yoga Movement.

Swami Karma Karuna has received yoga training in Nepal, India and Australia. She spends 3 months each year living and teaching in India at the home and sadhana place of Swami Satyananda. She also travels internationally part of the year, committed to sharing Yoga Solutions for Life™ - simple & powerful techniques for transformation. During past tours, Swami Karma Karuna has been involved in workshops, retreats, trained teacher trainees at the Australasian Satyananda Yoga Academy, and worked with groups of Yoga Therapists throughout the USA.

By combining yogic lifestyle and Sannyasa tradition with family life, Swami Karma Karuna has a unique and practical approach, inspiring the integration of yogic principles into everyday activities.

In 2007 Swami Karma Karuna released her first yoga and meditation CD called Yoga Solutions for Life™ – Essential Daily and Deepening Practices designed to develop a simple daily practice enhancing health and relaxation. In October 2007, a second CD focused on the chakras and seed sounds was released.

Lisa Allen

Hi, I'm Lisa. I am an Usui Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Theatre Practitioner. I live in Nelson, New Zealand with my lovely husband Dan. He very kindly lets me transform our living room into a studio a few times a week!

I offer opportunities in both healing and creative arts to help you shine your unique light nice and brightly.

​I love to connect people more deeply to themselves, to other people and to the world around us. I love to see connection happening and people growing and coming into their own sense of self. We are all beautiful beings who are doing the best we can to navigate life and sometimes it's really nice to be supported and nurtured on this journey.

​I think a spiritual journey is not so much a journey of discovery. It's a journey of recovery. It's a journey of uncovering your own inner nature. It's already there. -Billy Corgan

Course costs

Each Tier is limited to five people with a max of 20 participants

Tier One  $4500

Tier Two $4800

Tier Three $5200

Tier Four is for those wanting to do single modules rather than the whole course $2000

Non-refundable deposit of $495 upon booking with full payment due 1 August 2020 to confirm place. 

Payment options available on request.

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