A transformational course that helps you delve deeper into yoga and live in a way to support the world to be a better place

Kindred has mindfully designed this 300 hour Yoga Alliance International Certified and Accredited programme to balance intensity and integration. It is intelligently structured into three 100 hour modules, with a few months in-between. Within each module, you will experience a breakthrough that comes from doing something in a sustained, intense way.  

Each module includes a series of specialist workshops on cultivating self-esteem, public speaking, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, intelligent sequencing and more. You will then have time to self-reflect and integrate your learning before moving to the next module.

The three modules are designed as an integrated programme but can also be done as individual components. Each module has a specific outcome. Individual modules are suitable for yoga students interested in yoga teacher training level 2 but not ready to commit to the entire course, or the current timing is not ideal for them. For completing one module, you will receive a 100 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® certificate. If you complete all 3 modules, you will gain a 300 Hour RYT and register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500. Plus, you will be Yoga NZ Certified. 

Participants from all over New Zealand are invited. Economical flights from Auckland and Wellington and a scenic drive from Christchurch make sunny Nelson more accessible than ever before. We can assist you with finding affordable accommodation.

We are dedicated to supporting you on your yoga journey in a personal and connected way.

Learning from Chai is an opportunity to get clarity on highly complex topics. He helps to break down complexity into manageable bites.

For more info on module content, see below.

DATES FOR 2021/2022:

Module 1: 23 October - 31 October 2021

Module 2: 5 March - 13 March 2022

Module 3: 5 June - 12 June 2022

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3 x 100-hour modules, to be completed over a 9 month period.


Cost per individual module: $2000

Cost for the complete course including a residential: $4500

Course materials, breakfast and dinner are included.

A non-refundable deposit of $495 upon booking with full payment due 2nd October 2021 to confirm a place on the first module.

Payment options are available on request.


Completion of a Yoga New Zealand, Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour yoga teacher training or equivalent study.


Module 1)  23 October - 31 October 2021

Designed to develop your personal practice further to teach from experience by encouraging the practice of asana, meditation and pranayama. In this 100-hour yin and pranayama course, you will learn:

  • To review and examine the 14 skeletal sections and 10 myofascial planes of the physical body. Recognise and understand the uniqueness and limitations of joint mobility. Apply this understanding and the potential impact on the shapes that can safely be created through asana.
  • Study and explore the seven archetypal Yin poses Shoelace, Saddle, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Twist, Dog, Dragon.
  • You will be working towards understanding how to approach and guide students into and out of asana from a Yin perspective in contrast to traditional Hatha. Gain the ability to explain the difference in the Yin approach to functional versus aesthetic poses, drawing from your learning based on the skeletal variation study.
  • Yin Yoga Sutras 

Develop an understanding of the history of Yin, the flow of chi in the fascial channels and its impact on the 14 skeletal segments and 10 myofascial groups. Explore the principle of the Rebound process within the body, mind and soul.

  • Pranayama

Through daily practice, you will directly experience the effects of the different pranayamas and become proficient at both practising and leading pranayama techniques. Grow to understand and respect the potency of pranayama practice and its appropriate application for a wide variety of student audiences. We cover the anatomical process of pranayama along with the energetic effects on the Panchya vayus.

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The yoga shala for students to learn, practice, share, experience and grow.

Module 2)   5 March - 13 March 2022

Designed to give you the capacity to teach more classes at a more skilful level using a range of techniques focusing on asana. In this 100 hour Hatha level 2 & philosophy course, you will learn:

  • To build upon the asana from your 200-hour foundational training, introducing more complex and challenging asana. Develop your skills as a teacher to guide students into and out of each asana safely. Learn to understand the contraindications for each asana and be able to offer appropriate variations. The student will be able to discuss the background and purpose of each asana.

Yoga Philosophy

Diving into an overview of the history and philosophy of yoga, you are invited to continue your journey on this yogic path. Sessions work towards understanding the vast complexity of yoga's history and the development that has led to today's yoga.

We will draw from the teachings from:

  • Tantric philosophy of Vijnana-Bhairava
  • Tantra through the Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
  • Yoga Pradipika
  • Bhagavad Gita - Eknath Easwaran Commentary.
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Module 3)  5 June - 12 June 2022

In this module, we invite you to meet and greet your core! Building on the Hatha Level 1 & 2 principles of deep central core stabilisation in conjunction with dynamic movement. 100-hour yoga flow and mediation. Concluding in a residential retreat.

You will learn intelligent sequencing and the difference between sequencing and choreography, working towards sequencing a Level 1 & 2 Hatha asana practice that considers skeletal variations and mixed ability within a class setting. Learn and use breath-centred pacing & transitioning.


Discover and practice a range of meditation techniques. Learn the science behind meditation and the difference between the "state" and the techniques used. Gain the understanding and ability to guide students into and out of the state of meditation safely. Explore your own connection and understanding of mind and ego structures and how to pierce through the veil of maya.

Meditation Retreat

The final piece of this journey will be delivered through a residential Zen Style Meditation Retreat offering the time and space for reflection and depth. We invite YOU to enter this experience and step into YOUR unique greatest potential.

We will introduce and use the practice of  Zen Koans such as ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is Freedom.' These Zen riddles cannot be answered by the mind but can be directly experienced to assist in piercing through the veils of conditioned thinking into the pure light of your being.

Every being is constantly looking to be more of who they are, be authentic, real, and live their pure potential. Yet to do so, we have to turn our focus away from the outside world into the inner realms of being, exposing how our thinking process prevents us from achieving what we want most.

This completion module offers the space for you to integrate prior learning and return the focus to your own deep sense of Yoga and union within.



Meet Chaitanya Deva - He will be your principal guide on all the modules.

Chai developed the course based on over 29 years of intensive endeavour that led him worldwide to study with numerous enlightened teachers and thousands of teaching hours.

Get to know Chai. How do you describe yourself? 

My purpose in life is to be a guide for internal connection. The word teacher doesn’t resonate with me. I work as a conduit to help others discover more about who they are. My Sankalpa or intention is to speak from the heart. I trust the knowledge that has come before me to present itself through me in the right moment. I allow myself to be receptive and surprised with what is revealed for me to share with my students.

What is your yoga philosophy? 

The Indian Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi once said, “every question becomes an answer, and every answer becomes a question.” The question I’ve been asking myself for the past 28 years is who I am? My philosophy is a journey of discovery and practice unlearning the misconceived ideas of who I conceive myself to be.

A teacher of mine, Leslie, puts it well, “I’m against everything that you believe that you are.”

What is unique about the way you teach? 

I teach from my embodied deep understanding and experience. I teach from what I know to be accurate, not from what I’ve learnt. My teaching style is particular and sensitive to the group I’m speaking to at any specific time. I clear my mind, and I tune in to see what comes through.

Who are your teachers?

I have been fortunate to sit with over a dozen enlightened teachers. My first teacher was my father, Maitreya Ishwara, a spiritual teacher and visionary author. I have been inspired by the founders of Seido Karate and Osho, and many others. These days, I listen to people such as David Deida or Paul Grilley, Leslie Kaminoff and many others for Yogic inspiration.

I see life as a creative expression of the divine feminine. I practise being unmoved by that which moves around. Being fully present, witnessing the world’s extraordinary complexity and chaotic presentation. 

Follow this link to a short bio.


Swami Karma Karuna

Karuna will be leading a number of the philosophy sessions and Havan (Vedic Fire Ceremony) and kirtan. Karuna is a founding member and Director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, and a dedicated, intuitive yoga teacher with years of experience working with a wide range of people. From an early age, she travelled, exploring diverse spiritual traditions, finally dedicating herself to the yogic path, guided by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, worldwide head of the Satyananda Yoga Movement. Swami Karma Karuna has received yoga training in Nepal, India and Australia.


Anton Bentley

Anton is a prime example of a motivated Kindred YTT1 graduate. After completing his level 1 training in 2019, Anton quickly became a favourite teacher at the studio. Under Chai's mentorship, Anton has a holistic understanding of what is required of an aspiring and new yoga teacher. He now facilitates an essential voice workshop covering how to free your voice as you articulate clearly, enhance your vocal resonance and projection.


Clare Vivian- Neal

Clare will be leading a one-day self-esteem class uniquely designed to help uncover the inner drivers behind negative self-talk and get free of it. Clare is a Senior Trainer, Professional Coach and Mentor with the Kairos Foundation. This is an educational trust that delivers the More To Life Programme through many courses around the world. She is an Associate with TriVergent International. One of her strengths is bringing teams alive, seeing the individual, and keeping the organisational goals in mind at the same time.

A typical day in the life of a teacher trainee

From 7.00 am to 7.30 pm each day, the programme is a life-changing opportunity to completely immerse yourself in daily yoga practice.

  • To begin - Meditation & Pranayama - creating a foundation that will support your yoga practice and explore yourself in daily life.
  • Asana practice - to open and warm the body.
  • A theory session each morning when the brain is at its best.
  • A practical session each afternoon learning each of the asanas when the body is warm and flexible.
  • Concluding the day with a Nididhyaasa (the introspective practice of digesting information & experience), integrating the learnings from the sessions, leaving you relaxed yet curious.

There is an extended lunch break each day, giving you space to eat, reflect and explore.

Delicious vegetarian breakfast and dinner are provided.

What our students are saying

"Chai is an inspiring and dedicated yoga teacher. He has amazing knowledge of anatomy and how each person can relate to yoga. He manages to motivate and entertain and his classes are full of laughter. As well as laughter and knowledge he has amazing energy and is able to induce a sense of calm and relaxation that leaves you floating away from a yoga class. Chai is one of the best yoga teachers that I have ever met in over 10 years of practice."

"I loved every minute of my 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Kindred studio in Nelson. The programme content is varied and comprehensive, Chai's depth of knowledge, insight and congruent engagement allowed for a deep connection to the learning of the 8 limbs of yoga,  the asanas , anatomy and Myself. It is easy to be inspired by Chai's enthusiasm.

The day to day running of the course was was friendly, informative and well structured. Breakfast and dinner is just perfect - like beautiful tasting bookends to each day encasing us in an almost womb like state for our time together. We were given the chance to develop beautiful friendships with the other attendees and watching each other's journey has been inspiring and wonderful.

I have found the post training support to be invaluable to my continued journey, for me the course was not the end or a completion of a dream - it was the beginning of it and I'm grateful for the follow on presence that Chai and the other teachers continue to offer.

Kindred does more than teach yoga, it is a place where knowledge, friendship and support come together to build a beautiful community, with acceptance, encouragement and the sharing of knowledge at its centre. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wondering about their Yoga Teacher training."   

 S Marriott, Nelson / UK

When I’m asked about Chai’s teaching, the words that come to mind are knowledge, depth of experience, and integrity.

Chai is known and respected throughout the yoga community and he is a founding board member of Yoga New Zealand where he continues to support and promote the professional development and integrity of yoga in New Zealand – he walks the talk.

He has a phenomenal knowledge of functional anatomy and is constantly increasing and sharing this in classes and on the teacher training courses.  Chai has the canny ability to make anatomy understandable and interesting.

Having undertaken my Level 1 teacher training at Kindred, then worked alongside Chaitanya in the studio and on subsequent Level 1 teacher training, Chai holds the space with strength and compassion as trainees navigate the path to completion. 

I have grown as a teacher and human being during that time under the guidance of Chaitanya. Being part of the Kindred family has been life-changing! Rose Middleton

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits of this course?

Continued yoga study allows you to go deeper, seeing life from a different perspective. You will have more capacity to grow and accept. To live in a way that is more conducive to supporting the world to be a better place. In essence, it brings more meaning to life. You can take more of what life throws at you. It’s a more inspirational way to live!

Will this course help me teach mixed-level studio classes, private lessons, online classes and corporate events? 

Yes! You will become a more skilful teacher in Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa. You will learn in-depth anatomy within those styles to adapt postures to keep pregnant women safe and injury management. You will be confident to connect and support your students from beginners to advanced.

Will this course help me to establish my niche/ unique style? 

This is not a one-size-fits-all course. We allow students to find their voice and personal expression of yoga rather than teaching you in a particular style or way. 

How does the class adapt for different types of learners? 

The course is adapted and tailored to the individuals learning style. There is a manual and recommended reading for those who prefer to read and research. There is plenty of talking and demonstrating, plus hands-on learning for kinaesthetic learners.

Is practical teaching experience offered?

You will have the opportunity to teach your peers every day, embodying your learning early on in a safe environment. You will give and receive constructive feedback from your teacher and peers and self-reflect. You will slowly grow your kete of knowledge and leave the course feeling confident to teach what you’ve been learning.

Do you offer graduate teaching opportunities at Kindred studio? 

For a student who lives in Nelson, we offer the opportunity to teach a koha class and provide mentorship in the process. 

For others, we encourage you to stay in touch. Chai is available for guidance on email and phone. For those for finish the 300 hours, a detailed one-on-one follow-up zoom is included. This can occur whenever you feel ready, depending on where you are at in your teaching process.

Will I be part of a yoga Sangha

You will be part of a genuine community of like-minded fellow students. Kindred creates a Whatsapp group to encourage the group to stay connected and have ongoing conversations. You are supported to stay in touch with your peers and us.


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We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers, so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during the first 21 days of the Intro Offer, you'll be entitled to a $10 discount off our rolling monthly membership indefinitely. 


We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during those first 21 days of the Intro Offer you'll be entitled to a $10 discount on a rolling monthly membersh