Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Level 2 (50hrs)

Discover the transformative power of Yin yoga and deepen your practice with our unique 4-day (50hr) program developed by the highly experienced Chai Deva. With over 30 years of yoga experience.

Whether you are looking to deepen your existing yoga practice or wish to empower other people to build stronger, healthier, and more mindful lives, this course allows for it all. You will come away with a boost in confidence, find your inner strengths and form lasting connections with other like-minded students. 

If you are wanting to build your personal growth, this training will both motivate and give you the skills to build a healthier lifestyle.

This programme is certified by both Yoga New Zealand Yoga Alliance International, our course offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that will challenge you to unlock your full potential. But it's not just about personal growth - this program is also about inspiring others. For those wishing to gain their certificate for future teaching, an extra five hours of practical teaching work will be required by you to complete the training, we provide a log book to support this process document this evidence. 

Join a genuine community of like-minded fellow students who are all on the same transformational journey. You'll be guided by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level and inspire others along the way? Sign up for our unique program today and experience the power of Yin yoga like never before.


(over Labour Weekend)  

Trainees will meet and greet on Thursday 19 October at Kindred Studio and join Chai for a relaxing Yin Class from 7:30-8:30pm. A lovely opportunity to meet your fellow students and immerse yourself in the Yin yoga practice before the course begins on Friday morning. 

LEVEL 1. Cert attendence

What's involved

You will grow your kete of knowledge and leave the course feeling confident to teach. At Kindred, we thrive on continuously supporting you on your yoga journey. For students living in Nelson, we offer the opportunity to lead a koha class and provide mentorship. 

Cultivate your ability to become an inspiring and skilled teacher. It will also deepen your practice. Connect with like-minded people walking the same path and deepen your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the history and philosophy of Yin yoga and, ultimately, yourself.

There are no prerequisites, but it is desirable that you already have a regular yoga practice or similar. Participants from all over New Zealand are invited – with cheap flights from Auckland and Wellington (and an easy drive from Christchurch), making sunny Nelson more accessible than ever before.

What you will learn


  • Review and examine the 14 skeletal sections and 10 myofascial planes of the physical body.
  • Recognise and understand the uniqueness and limitations of joint mobility. Apply this understanding and the potential impact on the shapes that can safely be created through asana.
  • Study and explore the seven archetypal Yin poses Shoelace, Saddle, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Twist, Dog, Dragon.
  • You will be working towards understanding how to approach and guide students into and out of asana from a Yin perspective in contrast to traditional Hatha. Gain the ability to explain the difference in the Yin approach to functional versus aesthetic poses, drawing from your learning based on the skeletal variation study.
  • Learn the Yin Yoga Sutras, as described by Paul Grilley.
  • Develop an understanding of the history of Yin, the flow of chi in the fascial channels and its impact on the 14 skeletal segments and 10 myofascial groups.
  • Explore the principle of the Rebound process within the body, mind and soul.
50hr Yin Immersion

A typical day for you will include:

From 7:00 am to 7:30 pm each day, the course is a life-changing opportunity to completely immerse yourself in daily yoga practice.

  • To begin - Meditation & Pranayama - creating a foundation that will support your yoga practice and explore yourself in daily life.
  • Yin Asana practice - to open and warm the body.
  • A shared breakfast (provided)
  • A Yin theory session each morning when the brain is at its best.
  • Yin Practical / Physical / Practicum Group Work
  • Yin Practice Class - Archetype of the day
  • Concluding the day with Nididhyaasa (intergration), using one or a combination of Mantra, Chanting, Meditation & Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Circle Work, Journaling (the introspective practice of digesting information & experience)  integrating the learnings from the sessions, leaving you relaxed yet curious.

There are breaks throughout each day, giving you space to eat, reflect and explore. Breakfast is included. Please provide your own lunch and dinner.


Close to the very heart of Nelson and nestled in seven acres of beautiful woodlands and gardens, the training will take place at Fairfield House which is one of Nelson's most prestigious historic homes. Its spacious verandas and unique observation tower have gracefully overlooked the city since 1872.

Fairfield was blessed as a place of peace by His Holiness The Dalai Lama when he visited here in 1996. Its beauty, warmth and grandeur are yours to enjoy. The stunning outside space is perfect for rejuvenating walks and having lunch in the sun. Students are welcome to explore the trails leading up into Fairfield's seven acres of heritage woodland, which overlook the meadow.

Dates and price


Previous Teacher Trainees 
(10% discount)
$1080 - Early bird special
$1350 - After 1st October

$1200 - purchased before 1st October


Full price
$1500 - purchased after 1st October

A non-refundable deposit of $200 upon booking with full payment due 1st October 2023 to confirm your place and the super/early-bird rates. *Payment options are available on request.

Hear From Those Who Have Experienced It

"I loved every minute of my 200 hr Yoga teacher training at Kindred studio in Nelson. The course content is varied and comprehensive. Chai's depth of knowledge, insight and congruent engagement allowed for a deep connection to learning the eight limbs of yoga,  the asanas, anatomy, and myself. It is easy to be inspired by Chai's enthusiasm.

The day-to-day running of the course was friendly, informative and well structured. We were given a chance to develop beautiful friendships with the other attendees, and watching each other's journey was inspiring and wonderful.
I have found the post-training support to be invaluable to my continued journey. For me, the course was not the end or completion of a dream - it was the beginning of it, and I'm grateful for the support that Chai and the other teachers continue to offer.
Kindred does more than teach yoga. It is a place where knowledge, friendship, and support come together to build a beautiful community, with acceptance, encouragement, and knowledge sharing at its centre. I would highly recommend the course to anyone."
S Marriott

Learn how Hafsa followed her intuition, cured her hormonal imbalance through yoga and created a full-time yoga and wellness career.

Before completing Kindred's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, she describes her mindset as hopeless and her life felt disastrous. Now she feels in tune with her higher self. She quit her corporate job and now runs a successful wellness business in Auckland.

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Hafsa Wilson
Certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & REIKI Master

Chai is an inspiring and dedicated yoga teacher. He has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and how each person can relate to yoga. He manages to motivate and entertain, and his classes are full of laughter. As well as laughter and knowledge, he has amazing energy and can induce a sense of calm and relaxation that leaves you floating away from a yoga class. One of the best yoga teachers that I have ever met in over 10 years of practice.


The best journeys in life are full of new and exciting things, not all are what we expect, and some outright take us by surprise and teach us so much.

2021 was the year I finally completed my level 1 yoga teacher training. It had been a while in the planning. Many emails and calls traded with Chai helped me decide on Chai and the Kindred studio as the right place to embark on my journey further into Yoga.

The journey is the right word. The course was so well put together that it challenged me on so many levels to work on my personal yoga practise, teaching skills, yogic knowledge and understanding, breath, body and skeletal components, to name a few.

Chai created a supportive, caring environment from which deep learning evolved. Looking inward and outward, getting uncomfortable to develop as a person, was all part of this carefully planned and executed emersion over 17 days spent together in our group. Kindred teachers guide from the heart, with a sense of fun. I recommend this training to all still considering where and who to trust as you embark on this powerful learning and personal growth.

Chai is an amazing mentor, deeply passionate and knowledgeable about yoga, the body and mind, and everything related. His credibility and depth kept me in the room and focused.

There's are saying that goes, "you can only give to others when your cup is not only full but overflowing." This is something a 2019 Kindred Yoga Teacher graduate learnt the hard way. Meet Susze, who rebuilt a life overflowing with compassion from her darkest moments of depression. 

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Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Facilitator

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Kindred Co-FOUNDER


Kindred Studio Co-Founder
Evolve Festival Co-Director
E RYT 500, YACEP, Dip Therapeutic Massage

Chai developed the course based on over 30 years of intensive endeavour that led him worldwide to study with numerous enlightened teachers and thousands of teaching hours.

Chai describes his "purpose in life is to be a guide for internal connection. The word teacher doesn’t resonate with me. I work as a conduit to help others discover who they are. I intend to speak from the heart. I trust the knowledge that has come before me to present itself through me at the right moment. I allow myself to be receptive and surprised by what is revealed for me to share with my students.

I teach from my embodied deep understanding and experience. My teaching style is particular and sensitive to the group I speak to at any specific time. I clear my mind and tune in to see what comes through."

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We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers, so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during the first 14 days of the Intro Offer, you'll be entitled to a $10 discount off our rolling monthly membership indefinitely. 


We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during those first 21 days of the Intro Offer you'll be entitled to a $10 discount on a rolling monthly membersh

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