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Sangha for Sara

Everyone is invited to join a fundraising and awareness gathering to help Sara, a dear member of the Kindred family, in her battle with Stage 4 metastasised Breast Cancer. There is no cure for this. She has chosen to use an ‘integrated approach' for her battle and with that comes compromised lifestyle and expensive treatment. Sara has made her swimwear/activewear brand a funnel for financing her therapies, and her response to sales has been good through word of mouth and social media. Thanks to those who have 'bought to support’, and every little really does help.

That is why we are coming together to give our time and show love for Sara. An afternoon of yoga, tea, cake and aroha.

Saturday the 20th of November
From 1.30 pm onwards

Yoga class lead by Jax, starting at 2 pm followed by afternoon tea. There will also be door prizes which will be given out on the day. If you would like to bring something to share that would be wonderful. Ramsay, our resident baker, will not disappoint on the day!



Tickets are $40.
Every dollar will go to Sara. Current restrictions may be lifted by the time of the event, but given the size of the studio, we are hoping for 20+ people. Spaces are limited so please book by emailing [email protected] to secure your spot on the mat.

Some may also want to join just for afternoon tea and that is totally fine. Starting at 3.30 pm. Entry by Koha.
If you are unable to come but would like to give something towards the gathering, please contact Jax and she can guide you through to make this happen. You can order items from Sara’s website to support where she also hosts a ‘Give a little page’ if you prefer to support this way. You can also find Sara on social media.




Kindred Studio
1 Kinzett Terrace
The Wood.


At Kindred, we are passionate about supporting others and sharing the love.

We host regular fundraising events for the local community, supporting the global community, such as Solstice 108 Sun Salutations, Mantra Evenings and special classes.

Funds raised in the past have gone to those starting up small businesses through Kiva microfinance loans in Africa, supporting farmers, teachers and shop owners, Project Jonah, Food For Families and Whakatu Riding For The Disabled.

We have also hosted collections for Angels on My Street, the Women's Refuge and more- big thanks to Tanya Nock for her big heart with this!

If you have a passion to raise awareness or funds for someone, somewhere or something do get in touch!


As well as running Kindred, founders Chaitanya and Bex Deva also co-direct the transformational, community-based event known as Evolve Festival, held biennially in January at The Heritage Founders Park, Nelson.

Evolve is a boutique, family-friendly wellness festival where conscious beats, holistic workshops, and well-being pioneers meet good vibes, festival antics, and play.

$59 Intro Offer


We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers, so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during the first 14 days of the Intro Offer, you'll be entitled to a $10 discount off our rolling monthly membership indefinitely. 


We have 16+ classes each week and 8+ teachers so there is plenty of options for you to choose from - we always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible - find a routine that works for you! Best of all... during those first 21 days of the Intro Offer you'll be entitled to a $10 discount on a rolling monthly membersh

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Any issues get in touch: [email protected]