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Fantastic event coming up on 31st October, 4-6 pm.

The book signing of Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga and experiential class with Peter Sterios.

Peter is an internationally recognized author, yoga teacher and architect now based in Nelson! He is the founder of LEVITYoGA™, MANDUKA™, and creator of the popular yoga DVD series “Gravity & Grace.” For three years, Peter taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiatives. In 2018, he was invited to the Pentagon to share his ideas about yoga’s therapeutic effects for the US Marine Corps.

We are excited to announce that Kindred has partnered with Peter to promote his book signing and class coming up soon.

31st October
4-6 pm


Yoga Yai
Level1/105 Rutherford Street


Email reserve your spot
[email protected]

**COVID-19: We're postponing our event. We are sorry to say we will be rescheduling until NZ reaches a lower alert level.

A 30-day challenge to inspire, uplift and revitalise your body, mind and spirit.

A challenge to help you hit the reset button and celebrate the beginning of a new season. This includes talks by specialists focused on boosting your mood, motivation and health. 

You will be nurtured, challenged and supported to revitalise the energy your body and mind has been hibernating over winter.  We encourage you to cut out or reduce; alcohol, coffee and refined sugars and going plastic-free to support the health of our earth. It’s a spring clean for the entire system! There will be opportunities to invigorate your social life with like-minded people and share your journey. 

What’s involved?

  • A month of unlimited yoga and Nia classes. You could take 1 or 2 classes a day!
  • Admittance to six inspiring weekend talks with specialist speakers.
  • The more you put in, the more you get out! Every session you attend is an entry to win a healthy hamper of valuable and delicious products.


$180 for current members
$280 non-members

Inclusive of all weekend talks and one-month unlimited yoga and Nia classes
Includes a self-reflection journal and a bag of healthy goodies

*You do not need to register for the opening, closing or beach clean up, just turn up!


Friday 3rd Sep 7.30-9 pm
Opening with Bex and Chai

Your first step on a month-long journey, destination rejuvenation and reconnection with yourself and a like-minded community. This is your opportunity to think about your sankalpa or intention for the month and meet others with similar goals.

In the wise words of C.S. Lewis "you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

Bex and Chai are dedicated to supporting you on your wellness path in a personal and connected way. Their joie de vivre is infectious so come along and ask questions, gain knowledge and leave feeling inspired for the month ahead.

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Saturday 4th September 2-4 pm 
Dani Ferrier Coaching on The Growth Mind-set
$50 for those not on the full months challenge. 

Meet the charismatic Dani, she will inspire and energise you to take the necessary steps to lay the foundations for a busy and productive summer.  You will self-reflect and acknowledge your growth achieved in the year so far and ponder where to from here. How will you prepare to become your best future self? Dani will talk about the seasons, their role in the year, and why nurturing self is essential for mental wellbeing.

Saturday 11th September 2-4 pm 
Indulge in a heart-opening ceremonial cacao event with 
Master Chocolatier Oonagh Browne.
$50 for those not on the full months challenge. 

If you haven't tried a ceremonial cacao elixir, you are in for a divine treat! This is not your average cacao or chocolate experience. Using Cacao daily is a mind, and heart-opening practise to support your Spring into Summer intentions. You will discover and learn about cacao’s: ancient history, healing powers and support as a plant and ingredient, and understand how to make and incorporate this nourishing ingredient and drink into your life daily and be deeply nourished. Cacao can become a support to enhance your awakening, increase creativity, courage and sensuality!

The workshop will also include mindful eating and the enjoyment of decadent chocolate that is refined sugar-free, made with love for you by Oonagh, The Cacao Ambassador. 

Leave feeling how cacao taken in this way is like a big warm hug to your soul. Connect deeply to your heart's desire and stoke the fires of your inner glow with positive vibes. 

Price includes cacao beans for daily support post-workshop.

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Saturday 18th September 2-4 pm
Wild Food Foraging Workshop, facilitated by Cynthia van de Loo
$50 for those not on the full months challenge.

Forage your way to well-being. Learn about wild edible plants and herbs, nutrition, connecting and grounding.

Free nutritious food is abundant everywhere! Do you want to become more self-sufficient with your food and less reliant on mass-produced supply chains? How to identify the plants, examine them and integrate them into your cooking to release their nutritional and healing qualities.

Foraging isn't just about discovering what nature has to offer – it's also a way to build community. When you forage for your food, you become more connected to your surroundings and the people and plants you share it with. Drawing from her years of experience, Cynthia will also share some valuable insights about how the practice of food foraging can build up more robust and more resilient communities – something that is becoming increasingly important in the world that we live in.

Bring your favourite mug for herbal tea sampling.

Saturday 25th September 2-4 pm 
Introduction to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and gut health with Vandana Sivaranjini
$50 for those not on the full months challenge. 

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and its primary focus is on optimal gut health by resetting gut bacteria. It does this through aligning the body's natural biorhythm providing multi-benefits. During this session, Vandana will impart the practical nature of this wisdom, how the body is aligned to the moon and sun cycles for health and how we can start uplifting the vibrancy of our own body, mind and overall life.

The session will cover:

  • Ayurvedic view of gut health
  • Why elimination helps reset gut bacteria
  • The importance of observing your tongue to plan your diet
  • The body's natural biorhythm
  • The flow-on benefits of aligning the body to Ayurvedic gut health principles

About Vandana 

In India, she was born into a family that followed Yogic and Ayurvedic teachings as a usual way of life.    She only fully appreciated its value after five years of training with two foremost saints in India. 

Formerly, she worked within the Financial and IT industry (Microsoft NZ), which gave her a full appreciation of life's stress and responsibilities, resulting in suffering a heart attack at 42.  She was on all sorts of medication and also had rheumatoid arthritis. Her health journey was the application of all that she knew from growing up and Ayurveda and Yoga. She began to understand how the body's internal chemistry or inner pharmacy can be realigned to wellness and now teaches this wisdom to all those with whom she connects.

Her experiences highlighted that knowing the tools and wisdom are not enough. The application of these into daily life is most important.  Each of us needs to understand how to read the body's signs before a possible breakdown, so we can preemptively course-correct to maintain high levels of integrity between body, mind and emotions.  

Copy of Ooangh

Sunday 26th September 11:30- 1 pm
Beach clean up and picnic

Give from an overflowing cup! By now, you should be feeling full of energy and ready to give back to the community. Together we will volunteer to clean up the estuary near the studio for beach walkers and to make safe for the birds. After, we’ll enjoy a picnic on the grassy lawn in front of the studio, our little oasis.

Bring gloves if you have some and a plate/ nibbles to share. 

Friday, 1st October 7.30-9 pm
Closing circle with Bex and Chai

Wrap up the month of physical, emotional and mental cleansing. This is your chance to reflect on your experiences and achievements. Share your thoughts and hear from others. Through this communal experience, we develop a genuine bond with one another and friendships are made in and out of the studio.

Studio open in level 2, with limited class numbers. Online classes available


$69 Intro Offer


Get started on your yoga journey with one month of unlimited yoga and nia classes at Kindred. Get a feel for the studio, try out our wonderful variety of classes and meet our amazing range of teachers. For new & existing students